Creative Recovery

When I moved from Idaho to Oregon in July 2017, I wanted to find a way to keep my Idaho peeps updated on the new life I am creating (aka Wendy 2.0). Facebook and group emails felt totally inadequate for this purpose. Around this time, a friend was offering an online “creative recovery” course which I signed up for and, even before the class started, I decided to start a blog. Or should I say my soul was inspired to start a blog. My ego started shouting things like, “What the hell? You’re not a writer!” and “What makes you think you have anything relevant to say?!” FYI, that ego of mine can be quite loud and obnoxious, and it seems to believe a lot of things that just aren’t true.

While the idea for my blog started with a desire to stay connected to my tribe, something inside realized that I have more to say. When the #MeToo campaign became a thing, a story wanted to emerge from the depths of my being. And then I remembered that I used to love creative writing and poetry, although that was many (many) moons ago.

So I meditated, I set those naysaying voices aside and I brainstormed blog names. I wrote down an abundance of words that feel good to me – one word per piece of paper – and laid them out on the floor. Through the process of mixing and matching words, the name Embracing the Muse emerged. To me, it reflects active creation + inspiration. The domain was available so I bought it and threw a celebration in my heart.

My intention for this blog is to provide myself with an outlet for speaking my truth, healing, sharing resources, and expressing a creative part of myself while practicing not giving a damn what other people might think. Up until now, I’ve been really good at that. Worrying what other people think, that is. Whether or not anyone else reads my blog is irrelevant. This is for me. And if my words happen to resonate with even one other human, I am doubly grateful.

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